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Today we speak about, eating habits, food etc. all good stuff.

Today we speak about, eating habits, food etc. all good stuff.

Perhaps many times you have thought about the required change and you’ve secretly promised yourself that ‘’one day I will make a firm decision’’. You’ve met people who have achieved what you want, and maybe you’ve said to yourself: I have other tasks at the moment, or let’s just finish this stuff and then I’ll correct it the way I want. You are not to blame – it is a normal process occurring in life.

Remember that feeling after you’ve experienced something that made you feel satisfied and happy? Significant things that lead to these results are preceded by concerns, expectations, and many questions. These factors in most cases make us wait for the ‘’right time’’ and we waste time waiting. It goes something like the first kiss after you experience it, you wish you have done it earlier because you see that there is nothing difficult and ”scary’’ about it. This is how our psyche works, and we, human beings, have studied it well and have now got some tricks to overcome it.

You may be in the sport for the first time, maybe you have been going sports for years and are looking for new knowledge and techniques. In both cases, you’re headed in the right direction.
There are many people like me, stretching out their hand and ready to help.
Well, so it happened that you grabbed mine – I can promise you one thing, it’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it! You’re about to make a step which will indeed be a leap for your personality, and after you make it no one will be able to question your achievements. You will be in total control.

Let’s go back to the roots of the human race. Least ask ourselves some questions: How were people supposed to eat to survive? What did they eat? What kind of nutrients were they ingesting? In the last 50 years, we have changed our food habits like never before, unfortunately not for good.

Let’s take a look at the cavemen’s diet thousands of years ago. They consumed only wholesome and natural foods that could be found in nature and could be consumed without significant heat treatment, products in which steroids, antibiotics, bone meal, nitrates, genetically modified organisms, modern spices, preservatives, flavors and other products that we eat all the time nowadays were not used. This kind of diet has certainly had a major impact on our development for 2,500,000 years. Perhaps too many of us these principles seem too rough and indeed they are. How did the cave people look like? They didn’t have excessive fat for sure, they did not have a huge amount of lean muscle as well, but they were healthy and balanced. So from here we start to build our view of the right nutrition plan through the prism of our modern life.

I`ve been an athlete all my life, but nobody educated me how I was supposed to eat in order to achieve my goals. There are many reasons for that, but the result is that I wasn’t educated how to do it right. In school, nobody takes time to teach the young individuals what is right and what is wrong with their eating habits. They educate us in science like math, history, geography and many other general subjects. Ok, that’s fine, nobody can request the opposite.

Most of us do not acquire the right knowledge at home too; nobody has taught our parents as well, most of them think there is nothing wrong in our traditional cuisine no matter where you come from. However, they are wrong – only a few traditional diets are very well-balanced, e.g. ‘’Mediterranean diet’’. We can`t and shouldn’t blame them for their ignorance. Nobody showed them the right way as well.

The most important key

Overall a small percentage of people in our modern society know the truth about nutrition. The big food and beverage companies fool us with their expensive misleading marketing campaigns. They proclaim that drinks with a high concentration of sugar are dietary or fitness-improving, which is simply a lie. Such foods have become more abundant and affordable in recent decades, which results in a greater temptation to overeat. We often eat those foods for comfort and pleasure, not because we are hungry.

Foods that do not satisfy us- processing produces calorie-heavy, low-nutrient, low-fiber foods that get digested quickly. These foods leave with lots of calories, quickly-emptying stomach and a craving for more. The average adult man today eats more calories than in the past decade. This is why you should always prepare the ingredient table and make your own calculations and decisions, and ask yourself whether this really is healthy, and whether you truly believe this is the right product that fits into your nutrition plan. I will teach you how to navigate through the marketing maze in our next meet.

    – Unknown Coach



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