Precision Mettle BCAA Ultimate Intra-Workout Optimizer


Precision mettle is one of the best intra-workout supplements out right now. It is supplement that enhances intra-workout performance. Now you may ask what is an intra-workout and what makes this so special? Well an intra-workout supplement helps boost your performance during any workout. Just like we have pre-workout and post-workout which help enhance your workout benefits before and after we have one during. Precision Mettle is a key recovering supplement for any bodybuilder. People like to refer to these intra-workout supplements as  “BCAA’s” which stands for “Branched Chain Amino Acids” which are vital for any bodybuilder trying to build mass.

A BCAA typically has L-Leucine, L- Isoleucine, and L-Valine

which are all ingredients that help preserve muscle mass. Precision Mettle also has glutamine which is a huge recovery supplement that supports muscle regeneration and recovery. So now you must be wondering what all these do for you? Whenever a bodybuilder works out they tend to sweat which starts cardio indirectly. When there is cardio in any bodybuilders workout they tend to lose muscle mass. BCAA’s help eliminate that problem and that is why you must drink it during a workout. It will help preserve all your muscle mass while doing cardio. Since you are also working so hard to build muscle, the proteins in your muscle will tear and this is where glutamine comes in to aid in the recovery process.

mettle bcaa supplement

Glutamine will help minimize muscle protein tears and help you recover. When your muscles are extremely sore in the morning and you are not able to move that is because you have not had enough Glutamine. Glutamine will help eliminate that problem for the most part. Precision Mettle is excellent and has an amazing ratio of BCAA’s and Glutamine. It is extremely important to have this in your arsenal of supplements.

The flavour of the product is generally good. I have tried blue raspberry and watermelon and they have definitely not disappointed. This supplement is awesome and is highly recommended if you would like to preserve muscle mass and recover your body from any kind of workout.

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