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We all like to go to the gym and stick to one workout routine. We usually follow a nice strict muscle group workout. The typical muscle groups for working out are chest and tri’s, back and bi’s, legs, shoulders and abs. This is great and an excellent way to train all your muscles but not many people know that there are muscles on your body that are usually not worked out properly. If you have an extra day to workout or you have some time to kill at home you can workout these miscellaneous muscles.Here are the muscles that you probably did not know about followed by a workout for each one of them:


The Rickshaw Carry or the Farmer’s walk are one of the best workouts for your forearms. It is super easy and can be done countless times in your workouts. Simply grab two 45 pound plates in the space between each plate. Pick them up and let your arms hang. Keep in mind some gyms have equipment for these workouts .The trick is to hold onto the weights as long as you can with your forearms and wrists. Depending on your body you will feel a whole ton of lactic acid building up eventually, which is good, this term would be referred to as ” the burn”. If you can not hold it anymore drop the weights gently, rest for 15-30 seconds and repeat until you have done 4-5 sets.

hand squeezing a forearm squeeze ball



Having a strong wrist is extremely important when it comes to weight lifting. Your wrists will determine how well you can hold weights and will determine your balance for any weights being held. An excellent workout for your wrists would be handgrips. If you go to any gym an notice any clips for barbells you will see that those clips can be squeezed. This is basically what hand grips are. Many shops have professional handgrips where the resistance is much higher. But the ones at the gym are more than good enough. To perform this workout squeeze the clips as much as you can. Aim for 30-40 reps and eventually you will feel your wrist “burn”. If you can not take it anymore gently drop the clips and repeat 4-5 times. This will strengthen your wrists and keep you in tip top shape.



Having a strong neck is great for body structure. Also if you workout your neck properly it will be uniform, and look more muscular. A really easy way to workout your neck is by doing plate neck resistance. To do this lye down on a bench facing up or down it is your choice ( I find lying face down much easier). Grab a 25 pound plate and put it on your neck or head. Place your hands on top of the plate and try to press down. Once you start pressing down lift your neck up and resist the opposite force. Try to do this as long as you can and repeat 4-5 times. This will strengthen your neck, but just be careful as too much weight can strain your neck.


As odd as it sounds you can workout your whole face. This is usually not thought of but if you really want to workout your face you can face stretch. Face stretching is super easy and can be done practically everywhere. To face stretch start by raising your eyebrows up holding it and then dropping them down and holding it as well. Do this continuously as you eye brows will start to hurt. You can also move your mouth left and right while it is open and stretch your mouth muscles . For your cheeks do an exaggerated smile and hold it. Do all this 4-5 times and your face will strengthen.


Your hands are the universal tools for grabbing any kind of weight. Without your hands you can not workout to your full potential. To workout your hands all you need to do is finger stretch and put your hand into a fist and squeeze. It is simple and easy to do and will strengthen your hands.


Your feet are the foundation of balance. Without your feet you would lose all of your mobility. So keep your feet strong and healthy so you can keep the mobility. To strengthen your feet you can do toes grips and toe extensions. For the toe grip squeeze your foot as best as you can making sure your toes face down. Squeeze hard enough and make sure you do not get a cramp. Do this and hold it and it will help strengthen your feet. Also toe extensions is raising your toes back which is the opposite way of the toe squeeze exercise. Do both of these 4-5 times and slowly your foot will get stronger.

Lower Back


Your lower back is a very important part of your core. These core muscles are great to have and help form your body. Although many people include back as a major muscle group in their workouts they forget that the lower back can be worked. An awesome workout to do for your lower back is a hyperextension. To do a hyperextension find a flat bench. Lay on it face down with your upper body half way off it. Now with your upper body lean all the way forward so that your head is touching the ground now bring yourself back up and repeat that. Eventually you will feel a lot of tension and lactic acid at your lower back repeat this for 3 sets or until you can not take it anymore. If it is too easy, grab a plate of any size and criss cross your arms around it and do these extensions.

– Make sure when you do these exercises you warm up. If you warm up you can avoid any kind of injury
– Do not over exert yourself, as injury is the last thing you want
– Try to do these exercises on a regular as it will improve overall physique and health
– If you need help always ask someone for some help
– Make sure after these exercise you relax and get some rest

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