Killer Box Chest Workout


Building a nice box chest is now the fad in bodybuilding. It is easy to do but takes persistence and time. If you follow these simple tricks and try your own variations of things you will get that box chest you always wanted. Make sure you stay focused and push the weight as best as you can.

The Bench Press

When it comes to working out your chest muscles, there are few exercises as widely known as the bench press. Often referred to as the upper body squat, it’s as controversial as it is common. Many lambaste this exercise for chest muscles as ineffective, but in reality, when performed correctly, this movement is a phenomenal activity to bolster pecs and work out your large and small muscle groups.

Where many people fail with bench presses is mentally; they try to put up as much weight as they can lift without giving thought to form. They want to look impressive and push the weight up for the sake of their ego. But only through good form– back on the bench, legs on the floor, and good follow through with no twisting, arching or jerking– can you expect to see measurable results.


Start with a light weight in order to learn the correct form and stick to it. Add weight as you become more comfortable with it.
Keep your shoulders flat on the bench, stick your chest out, and keep your elbows back, don’t let them come forward. Think of your arms as hooks and start the movement with your chest muscles.

Make sure if you push heavy weight you have someone to spot you because if you do not have a spotter and you lock while doing a rep you will end up dropping the weight on your chest. This can result in a broken rib cage or a torn muscle. Remember safety first when it comes to lifting heavy weight. Also to be safe make sure you put clips on the bar to make sure weights do not fly off. If you follow these safety rules your bench will be tip top.



In the realm of exercise for chest muscles, flyes act as an isolation exercise. Dumbbell flyes directly target the chest muscle and make an ideal exercise to superset or follow a bench press. The only movement is in the shoulders and therefore all the focus is on the chest pectoral muscles, which gives them an intense workout.


Be sure to keep your elbows locked with a slight bend as you move your arms up and down. The only movement should be in the shoulders, otherwise you’re not getting a good exercise for your chest.

Set and Rep Range:

Whenever you do a chest workout aim for 3-4 sets. In these 3-4 sets make sure you increase the weight every set. If you are able to increase weight in increments you will slowly get stronger. This goes for rep range as well as if you increase your reps slowly you can do more eventually. Typical rep range is between 8-12 if you would like to build a nice box chest. Try to aim for that as best as you can.

If you find the weight too heavy and you can only push 6 reps drop your weight quickly and finish the set. This is important as your set will technically be finished if you can pull off the reps. You need to destroy your muscles with these kinds of workouts so stay focused and push heavy at these rep and set ranges. If you do this you should end up with a killer box chest.

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