Interview Chloe Madeley’s Fitness World Influence


Former Dancing on Ice star Chloe Madeley has become a big fitness fanatic over the past few years and she has begun to influence many women in the fitness world because of her huge success in transforming her body and lifestyle. She currently inspires many women with similar fitness goals using her Instagram account. Chloe has also become a personal trainer and enjoys helping others in their journey to reach their fitness goals. We’ve had the opportunity to ask her a few questions regarding her interest in fitness and how she got started, her current goals, and about her latest success.

After receiving third place as a contestant in Dancing on Ice alongside Michael Zenezini, what motivated you to get started with your fitness journey?

“Dancing on Ice was long before I got into health and fitness – I remember Michael always trying to force feed me fruit and take me to the gym with him! It wasn’t until two years later when I met my now ex-boyfriend, who was a personal trainer, that I got really interested in training. He got me into weight lifting and I enjoyed it so much that one thing lead to another, and fitness slowly became a huge part of my life.”

Could you enlighten us a little bit about your fitness success and goals, in specific all the weight loss? What kind of training do you go through? What is your diet like? And have you taken any sort of supplements through the process?

“When I’m trying to gain muscle I lift very heavy, usually 3 sets of 8, and do a couple of HIIT sessions a week to keep the fat at bay. I eat clean but I eat lots of starchy carbs like oats, and I’ll have one cheat night a week. When I’m trying to ‘cut up’ and get lean, I will do fasted HIIT in the morning and then do light weight lifting later in the day, usually 4 sets of 15. My starchy carbs are usually minimal and structured around my workouts (pre and post) – or I will carb cycle (3 days low, 1 day high). I normally start with the former and a few weeks in start carb cycling.

I have always taken protein powder supplements because I have a sweet tooth and if I didn’t make protein pancakes or mug cakes most days I would probably be really unhappy, and I want to enjoy the process as much as I can! I’m cutting right now and iSUPP sent me a great fat burner called Meta-Ripwhich I take pre training and gives me a good boost. I don’t take pre workouts as they make me sick.”

We’ve recently noticed some very impressive transformation photos posted on your Instagram account. Do you believe that Instagram and social networking in general is a good gateway for you to inspire others with their fitness journeys?

“I know that it does and I’m thrilled about it. I started FitnessFondue.com and my Instagram account in particular to motivate and inform others about health and fitness, and I feel really pleased that it’s working. I follow various professionals and fitness models online and they play a huge part in motivating me every day.”

Do you have any future plans for FitnessFondue? Do you plan on becoming an authority figure in the fitness world eventually?

“I look at some of my fitness heroes and of course I would love to be where they are professionally one day, but I have a long way to go yet! I started FitnessFondue.com and personal training because I honestly love fitness, training others and myself, and the continuous knowledge that comes with the science of it all. I look back at some of my old opinions and cringe – I haven’t stopped learning since I started and I love that about what I do. So maybe one day I will be a fountain of knowledge like some of my heroes, but right now I’m more of a tap, HA!”



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