Gain 5kg of lean muscle, by lifting 5 tons, advise from Rob Orlando


How about you add another 5 kg of lean muscle?

You training for years and you’ve built much more than that, so why not add 5kg more?

But if you want to achieve progress before you stands serious decision.

This program is so easy that it can be described in one sentence: select a basic exercise, then lift five tons as fast as you can.

As base exercises we define the ones in which we can lift big volumes of weight. Here are some examples of basic exercises: squat, bench press, dead lift etc. In all these movements you can increase your the weight volume and reduce the repetitions or you can lower the weight and increase the repet. The goal here is to do 5 tons as fast as you can. 

I follow this program with all exercises. For refrence: I used 200k weights while performing deadlifts , doing 25 repetitions. The result: I finished the drill for 2 mins. This is a lot of work for such a short time, but produces the same hormonal response as in 60 min workout. It is important to frequently change the exercises. You have to know that training like this adds a lot of speed.

Take the 5000 figure and divide the training weight. This is the total number of repetitions that you need to perform.

Workout 1

Deadlifts 160 kg x 31

Workout 2

Bench presses 100 kg x 50

Workout 3

Squats 140 kg x 36


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