Fitness & Shredz Athlete Devin Physique


Born in Chino Hills, CA to a single mother, Devin Physique was seen as the underdog to his school friends. “People constantly questioned me, I was so little, I ran cross country and was about 115 pounds during high school, entering the fitness center and lifting weights was the last thing on my mind, the gym daunted me.” When he was 18 years old a pal of his gave him a wake up call and said “Devin, you look sick being that skinny, you ought to eat more and hit the gym.” Little did she know her small remark about his physique would alter the rest of his life. “I took her remark very seriously, it truly opened my eyes, and I just made the choice to change my life for the better.”.

After obtaining a full scholarship to San Jose State University to run Cross Country and contend in the highly proclaimed Mountain West Conference, Devin decided that cross country wasn’t where he saw himself reaching his full capacity. “I was constantly into running in secondary school, however one day I simply chose to forget the running life style and return to my home in Chino Hills to actually start working out and develop the most aesthetic body possible. I began working two jobs to help my mom pay the bills for our home and my 2 little sisters, and I ALWAYS made time for working out no matter the number of responsibilities on my plate.”.

For 3 years Devin Physique remained committed to the gym.

He understood that there would still be individuals that doubted him, but he never ever let that negative energy cloud his mind or prevent him from reaching his individual objectives.

“People have actually constantly made little comments about me, my life, my fitness journey, the majority of them unfavorable. People hardly ever supported me, I stayed in a village where everyone basically knew each other, and it was tough to discover people who were genuinely supportive of my lifestyle change, but I remained concentrated nevertheless.”


His favorable frame of mind, combined with an unequaled drive and determination to reach his physical fitness objectives, would ultimately open numerous doors for him. In July of 2012, Devin would develop his most effective and cutting-edge technique for marketing himself and motivating others on an international scale, his Instagram profile. “When I initially created my Instagram account I knew that I might utilize it to motivate others in the fitness center, I might likewise use it to track my progress and get feedback from people all over the world.

I realized my Instagram was my most significant property to promote and brand myself on a larger scale for future ventures.” This type of commitment and attention to detail appeared on Devin’s social media platforms.

”I stayed up late after the gym a lot, assessing, tracking, figuring out exactly what the very best way to market myself was. I understood that being positive and inspiring to individuals would be the best path to take, so I took it.”.

Today “Devin Physique” resides on the East Coast at the SHREDZ Headquarters in New York. He typically travels around the globe doing appearances for SHREDZ, arranging image shoots with numerous photographers to construct his portfolio, and he continues to preserve that strict discipline with his diet plan and relentless work ethic. “I like being around other inspired people like myself, it raises me to a totally new level, the resources that we have right here in New York are remarkable, and I could not be happier being here with the team to construct something special that will last for generations and alter the lives of millions.

The objective is to alter the world, as an individual I’m just Devin Physique, but as a team we are effective beyond measure, and we use our social media platforms to engage and influence people everyday, which is exactly what makes SHREDZ really special.”.

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