Bad, Better, Best – table about some food choices


Fast and easy comparison of one of the most foods and drinks we consume

Bad Better Best
Instant coffee – full of additives and so lacking in flavour we often add processed sugar to it just to make it taste better. Espresso Espresso with organic cream a small intense amount of good- quality caffeine and the cream will help keep you full and avoid sugar cravings
Black tea – fine in theory and full of antioxidants, but you could still make it healthier. Green tea – great for speeding up your metabolism and full of health-boosting antioxidants. Plus it provides a hit of caffeine to keep you alert Caffeine- free herbal tea – peppermint tea , ginger tea, etc. (although caffeine is fine in small doses, herbal teas improve your digestion and boost energy levels)
Milk chocolate- chocolate contains caffeine , so avoid it in the evenings. Milk chocolate tends to be the most cheaply produced and is full of sugar and additives. Dark chocolate – more cocoa satisfies your chocolate craving sooner and you feel satisfied eating less Dark chocolate with nuts – added protein slow the digestion of the sugar which prevents an energy crash. The protein will also feed your muscles
Fizzy cola (any brand) – full of sugar and fattening. Caffeine free energy drink – fewer artificial flavours and sugar , but still not great Fruit smoothies with nuts or seeds in it – a great hit of vitamins plus the nuts or seeds will feed your muscles and keep you full.
Red Bull – raises your stress levels and is full of sugar Guarana drink Espresso whit organic cream
Shop or café-bought iced coffee- often full of sugar Espresso blended with ice and milk Espresso blended white ice and organic cream
Diet pills – these nearly all contain some form of caffeine Green tea extract Organic green tea
Instant hot drinks – tea, coffee, hot chocolate. Processed and full of sugar Espresso with double cream- the cream slows the effect of the caffeine Caffeine-free/herbal tea – cutting back on caffeine reduce stress levels
Bad Better Best
Packaged cakes they”re full of additives and preservatives that lengthen their shelf life and artificially boost their flavour .As a result , they’re  full of sugar so they’ll cause your blood-sugar levels to sing wildly, leaving you tired. A freshly made cake from a baker – a step in the right direction due to the fact it won’t contain as many preservatives. But they”re still loaded with wheat,sugar and yeast. Wheat-free,sugar-free,dairy-free muffin from a health-food store- you’ll get fibre and a natural sweetener in the form of fruit.
Packaged  crepes – white flour and white sugar packed with preservatives. They’re a fat bomb waiting to explode , leaving you out if shape and weak. Home-made pancakes better than shop-bought, but try and replace the white flour with either rice flour or buckwheat flour. Protein pancakes .Add berries and banana for extra nutrients.
Ready meal whit little or no protein (for example , a pasta-based dish like carbonara) This will be packed with refined white carbs , sugar, salt and bad  fats and the lack of protein will leave you hungry soon after eating it. Ready meal whit decent (i.e. palm sized or more) amount of protein (i.e. chicken or fish) This is a step in the right direction, but remember that most meat in ready meals isn’t great quality , probably not organic and the meal itself will still be full of preservatives and hidden salt and sugar. A fresh ready meal whit meat, vegetables and nuts or seeds that can be steamed, rather than microwaved . This won’t be easy to find and it’ll probably cost more than the Bad or Better versions, but it will leave you feeling fuller and more energised.
Salami or pepperoni – the left over part of the animal, this is heavily processed and packed with salt. It contains barely any nutrients. Slice of ham – at least you know what animal it comes from! Most pre-packaged hams are very salty though. Organic, freshly sliced lamb whit hummus and avocado- a complete snack of protein, carbs and fats.
Packaged salad- often dipped in chlorine to retain the colour and  sprayed with preservatives to long shelf life. Don’t  be fooled by the appearance – this food is nutritionally dead. Plastic wrapped vegetable – e.g. cucumber. Raw , unpacked vegetables from a local greengrocer or farmers market. This is about as fresh as it gets.
Bought salad dressings – packed with sugar and salt. Balsamic vinegar and olive oil- offer a great flavour good fats that help fill you up making it a more complete dish. Cold – pressed extra-virgin olive oil- the least processed of all oils. It’s got the most nutrients and the most flavour.
Bad Better Best
White flour. Stripped of all nutrients, white flour also depletes the body of vitamin B Wholemeal flour is little less processed and has more fibres. However , it still contains gluten (a hard to digest protein) Any gluten – free flour, corn flour, rice flour, buckwheat or millet.
White bread Brown bread Rye bread
Wheat-based cereal Oat – based muesli mixed with nuts Half an avocado on a couple of wheat- free oatcakes.
White pasta Wholemeal pasta Rice and mullet, corn , vegetable or spelt pasta (gluten free)
Cheese and ham croissant Bagel whit meat and salad Wheat- free wrap whit meat and salad, spelt pasta (gluten free)
Ready made sandwich from shop made with white bread Rye bread sandwich Rye bread with extra sandwich filling (tuna, chicken or meat)
A burrito A hard shell taco Extra meat filling and salad – no taco
Couscous – too processed White rice Brown rice
Jasmine/white rice Basmati rice Brown / wild rice
Packaged waffles (full of sugar, salt and all kinds of other junk Freshly made waffles Protein pancakes
Biscuits / cookies Rice cakes with nut butter Rice cakes with avocado and prawns
Crisps Kettle chips Salted ( sea salt ) celery with hummus
Peanut butter (commercial) ,made with salted peanuts. Unsalted peanut buttur Organic nut butter – e.g. almond , cashew and macadamia
French fries Potato wedges Jacket potato whit some protein (prawns , hummus, etc.)
An apple Danish A handful of dried apple Fresh sliced apple whit almonds
Crackers Rice cakes Rice or oat cakes whit protein (e.g. hummus)
Bad Better Best
White sugar Brown sugar Manuka honey
Sweets Dried fruits Piece of fruit
Fruit juice Fruit smoothie Water
Chocolate Dark chocolate Dark organic chocolate with nuts
Breakfast cereals Muesli Two poached eggs on rye toast
Dried fruit – OK as an alternative to sweets (above) , but high in sugar and easy to overeat Thick-skinned fruit salad – bananas,  oranges and watermelons Thin- skinned fruit salad – cherries , blueberries,blackberries,strawberries and raspberries. These contain more health-boosting antioxidants.
Low fat yogurt Organic yogurt whit fruit and honey. Raw organic yogurt whit nuts
Ice lollies Fruit juice Piece of fruit
Soft drinks Fruit juice Water
Biscuits – full of salt sugar and bad fat. Oat cakes whit nut butter Rice cakes whit turkey and avocado-the perfect blend of proteins, carbs and good fats
Ice cream – milk held together whit tons of sugar. Most people cant digest dairy properly and this lowers you immune system and your ability to burn fat Natural organic yogurt whit almonds – contains a lot less sugar and the protein helps fill you up. Fresh fruit- a small handful of berries and half an apple. These  are rich in antioxidants to detox your system.
Muesli/granola bar- stuck together whit sugar. Don’t be fooled by their  supposedly healthy image. Fresh fruits and nuts – contain fruit sugars and  some complete protein. Raw vegetables – broccoli , celery, carrots, cucumber and cauliflower. These  are jam – packed whit nutrients and have very few calories.
Croissant – zero-fibres pastry  soaked in bad fats. Probably the worst breakfast ever. Muffin from a health food store Raw vegetables whit organic hummus – loads of fibres, vitamins and minerals.
Bad Better Best
Beer – this is packed whit sugar,yeast and alcohol and is the number one fat-causing beverage in the world. Organic beer – fewer pesticides and additives , meaning less stress on your liver  (and therefore a cleaner system). Its still loaded whit calories. Vodka, mineral water and squeeze of lemon. Grey goose has the fewest chemicals added to it.
Alcopops – packed whit sugar and alcohol. Designed to taste like soft drinks, so you drink yourself fat without noticing. Vodka and juice (from concentrate) – a lot less sugar than an alcopop. Vodka and fresh squeezed juice- alcohol whit some nutritional value.
White wine- packed whit sugar , yeast and alcohol. White wine spritzer – less sugar  and less alcohol Vodka and mineral water whit fresh lemon or lime.
Beer – see above White wine less sugar than beer Red wine- has some antioxidants, but still a lot of sugar and alcohol.
Cocktails whit cola mixers- e.g. Long Island iced tea. Packed whit sugar fattening amounts of alcohol, plus caffeine. Cocktails whit fruit mixers – fewer bad sugars and calories , so less of a fat bomb. Mocktails – non – alcoholic cocktails made whit fresh juice.
Vodka Red Bull- equivalent to four coffees plus a shot of alcohol. Places your internal organs under stress , ruins your sleep Vodka and Lemonade Vodka and mineral water whit a squeeze of lemon or lime
Shots whit a milky liqouer (like Baileys) and dark spirits e.g. B52. Packed whit sugar , alcohol and dairy they are a sugary fat bomb. Single shot of clear spirit – one poison instead of several . Also less sugar. Shots are the beginning of the end! You really don’t need them and your body will thank you for in in the morning if you just give them a miss.
Malibu and cola – sugar with more sugar, plus caffeine and alcohol. Malibu and pineapple juice – some natural sugars, but still a fat bomb. Vodka whit a fruit smoothie – clean spirit whit plenty of nutrients and a little bit of fibres. Sip it slowly and enjoy the taste.





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