Alcohol, Growth Hormone, Testosterone, and Recovery


Have you ever decided you wanted a drink on a Friday night with the guys or just a nice casual amaretto on the rocks while watching your favourite show. If so you may be in some trouble. Studies show as soon as you consume any kind of alcohol your body will immediately recognize that as a toxin. This will in turn prevent your body from producing important growth hormones by at least 70%. Any kind of growth hormone that is blocked will immediately dim down your chances of gaining any muscle or growing.

Testosterone is a very important muscle building hormone. It is extremely dominant at night especially when your are sleeping and is produced at night as well. The problem is if there is any kind of alcohol consumption this will in turn result in testosterone ( one of the leading growth hormones in a male) to be cut right off for at least 48 hours.

So this means you will be kind of screwed if you would like to build any muscle in the next 48 hours. Not only is testosterone a huge muscle building hormone but it is also linked to your sexual reproductive system in this case your “libido” or sexual activity . If alcohol is consumed in any way well you can basically say bye to your sex drive as the alcohol will ultimately jeopardize your sexual activity.

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Alcohol and Recovery is also huge in the bodybuilding world. If there is a toxin in your body, which in this case would be alcohol, your chances of letting your muscles recover are extremely slim. Any kind of toxin in the body requires a huge amount of energy to be 100% eliminated. Since your body is so focused on eliminating this toxin with all your energy reserves your body will not be able to heal or recover after any workout. Recovery requires a lot of energy as well and since you do not have much left after alcohol consumption your body will constantly be in pain and this in turn will prevent you from gaining muscle as well. Rest for your muscles is huge and this can be the make or break in building muscle.

So the next time you go out for a drink or decide to consume a alcoholic beverage elsewhere , make sure you take all these factors into consideration. Stay focused because if you stay focused and motivated you will get the results you want.


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