A few words


In our first meet, I must tell you just a little something…


You can keep doing what you’ve been doing, hoping that things will just magically change…


You can do what many others did and join our community and eventually achieve an athletically built body.

You are already on my blog which means you are seeking change. I can’t promise you magic, there is no magic in this game and you must know that. You have to know that all the time I will be direct with you. What can I promise you if be diligent and have no doubts that you will make it to the next level, it’s just inevitable? The things are very simple: train hard strictly follow your clean nutrition plan and you will be pleasantly surprised.

You are not completely certain that you can make it to the end? Well, I’m here to tell you… you CAN, but first we have to start that journey to get on the right track. So let’s begin!

Most of us unconsciously (or even sometimes consciously) do “judge a book by its cover”. If the book has lots of pages and is long … and is “pretty” and has a nice design and a good title and lots of pictures and so forth, then most of us automatically (and many times incorrectly) assume that the information must be valuable.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I know many people who can sit down and write and in a few weeks they will have written VOLUMES on a specific topic. And guess what, most of the information is just JUNK. Lots of “blah, blah, blah”. As stated already, articles here will be VERY dense and in the meantime easy to understand.

Enough for now. Till next time.

Unknown Coach



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